Push Bubble Pop Fidget Toy Pack

Pop Toy, Silicone Bubble Squishy Toys for Kids and Adults – 2Pcs Pack (Multi-Color Dinosaur + Dolphin)

Push Bubble Pop Fidget Toy Pack

①Play Method: Players take turns pressing down any number of mice they wish in a single row . Each player can press 1 piece at time ,also can press many pieces ,must be connected Must press the same line of pieces at a time .The player who presses down the last mouse loses the round

②It can release your work stress, restore your mood, let the brain focus and kill time.Fully tested for safety and quality, this is a disassembled and folded, waterproof and easy to clean silicone toy.

③It is suitable for a variety of occasions, at work, at home, outdoors, or can be used as a frisbee to play with your pet, also can be used as a coaster.

④This is a push bubble decompression toys, small size, easy to carry, bright colors, unique shape, is a very good gift, but also exercise the child’s intellectual puzzle toys.

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